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BigDaddyK GrandMaster
good bud size, will report back when cured, smells of orange to me... reminds me a bit of massive midget , cant go wrong with Bomb seeds, tried two so far and have been pleased with the quality of the finished product, cherry bomb auto is still my favorite :)
ok after a little dry , this is really potent,strong stuff, bit of a creeper,fruity clean smoke, orangy to me, big yielder, went a bit purple on the one that had issues at the begiining but hey what doesnt kill ya .......
highly recommended , the quality of smoke is the most important factor for me, the quality of your lights is of upmost importance to growing the best flavours of weed,and for me LED have come to the forefront ....personally i think it tastes different under LED, better, so if you are a hobby grower like me, go small LED , you will appreciate the taste more.but please do some research, preferably on here and look for what you can afford, thats my best bit of advice.
Like this strain, got 4 big jars out of it, plus a lot of what i call scrim, yield was more than 160 grams per plant.
12 months ago