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Buddha Seeds White Dwarf is an indica dominant strain with automatic flowering and saturated aroma and sweet taste. Two potent indica plants and a ruderalis were crossed to develop this powerful creation.

The strain doesn't depend on the photoperiod and has fast flowering of 9 weeks from germination. The plant develops compact size and ideally suits for indoors. It can be harvested in any time of the year. Due its resistance to mold and short growth cycle the strain also suits for outdoor cultivation.

White Dwarf is a great choice even for novice growers!


Gender Feminised
Genes Indica / Ruderalis
Genetics Ruderalis x Indica
Flowering 8-9 weeks
THC high

Tastes & Effects



Green-O-Matic Ruderalis Morocco Indica White Dwarf Lowryder
Fast & Vast White Dwarf Skunk Ruderalis Afghani Ruderalis
White Dwarf White Dwarf Lowryder
Blue Dwarf Blue Streak White Dwarf
Dane's White Pine Apple Blue Rhino White Dwarf

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