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CAMOGROWN Apprentice
Auto Chemdawg
Growing it
Well!!! This auto flower is top draw smoke! Really potent, I've had allll the different phenotypes now! The earliest plants were more of OGkush, one was a perfect hybrid and a True chemdawg, and the last lot are more sour diesel. Very sparkly! Very unique smell I've never smelt before, fuel cheese and skunk, some have more sour diesel hint than others which have an OG hint, either way youll end up with a potent plant.
The grow itself could have gone better. I dropped my pH pen at the start of flowering and decided to feed without it, only to run into full yellowing issues! I corrected them and they all made it across the finish line with some decent yields and somr decent buds! I would have got more if I hadn't stunted them for 2 week!.
I have to say the plant that where super cropped DID yield more than one that wasn't.
The smoke is a potent hybrid. Smells strong, tastes sour and fuely lol. Would recommend! But be warned the genes aren't so stable! But if your a fan of OG Kush sour diesel of chemdawgs try this out!
10 months ago