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Chronic is a feminized indica/sativa hybrid that based on the crossing between Northern Light, Skunk/Northern Light and AK 47.

The strain is a good mother plant for cloning. It has good resistance, grows fast and energetic. This compact plant produces medium yields of resinous buds. The strain develops the strong central bud and several side branches. It is good choice for beginners and experienced growers, for indoors, outdoors and small spaces. The flowering takes 8-9 weeks indoors and the harvest comes in early October outdoors.

The smoke provides earthy taste, sweet aroma and more cerebral effect.

Gender Feminised
Genes Indica / Sativa
Genetics Northern Light x Skunk/Northern Light x AK47
Harvest very high
Flowering 60 - 65 days
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor
Release Year Previously Released

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