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Bigger Bud has always been famous as a cannabis strain with staggering yields. Her superior Indica pedigree was carefully refined and steadily improved over many years and has now been perfected for release as an all-female seed strain! The first clone-only Bigger Bud was a sturdy Afghanica infused with Skunk genes - a hybrid possessing amazing vigour and unexpected, record-breaking production. Resin production is prolific, even on the inner surfaces of flower clusters, making for a powerful physical stone thatยดs brightened by the high of Skunkยดs Sativa ancestors. As with the regular version, enormous production remains the central feature of feminised Bigger Bud. On both small and large plants, flower clusters are huge, sparkling, and wonderfully solid.


Gender Feminised
Genes Mostly indica
Genetics Northern Lights #1 x Skunk #1
Flowering 7 - 8 weeks
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor

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