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Canuk Seeds' BubbleG is an Indica/Sativa hybrid strain originating in Indiana.

It is a fruity cross producing compact, resinous buds, and has a short flowering time ranging from 53-58 days. The flowering time depends on the growing environment, usually finishing faster using a hydro system with Coยฒ, but a good organic grow does just as good.

BubbleG may express two different structures; one with minimal side branching, and another with more branching off of the primary stock. Those without as much side branching should be thrown into flower early and be clipped for height management. It is also perfectly suited sea of green (SOG) systems.

Plants with fuller branches will take longer to mature, but will result in higher yields.

Expect slow growth during the Veg cycle, but speeding up during flowering.

The yield can vary, but overall itโ€™s a big yielder, expect to find results varying from about 550-750g per mยฒ.


Gender Feminised
Genes indica/sativa
Harvest 550-750 g/ mยฒ
Flowering 8-9 weeks

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