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Aka: SuperSilverSourDieselHaze

With the blessing of Reservoir Seeds, Connoisseur Genetics have used the multi cup winning SSSDH (OJD cut) and original release packs of Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze to work the strain and refine its characteristics towards those of the cup winning cut. Expect classic haze aromas infused with sweet lemon candy goodness and diesel edge.


Gender Feminised
Genes mostly sativa
Genetics SSSDH OJD Cut x SSSDH
Flowering 10-12 weeks
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor


Strawberry Sour Haze Strawberry Cough SSSDH
Eleรƒยฏson Night Hail Ultra Automatic AK47 SSSDH Kultranusta
Original Diesel Haze Original Diesel SSSDH
Rainbow Jones Haze Rainbow Jones SSSDH
Triangle Kush Haze Triangle Kush SSSDH
Philosopherร‚ย’s Stone SSSDH Mendodawg

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