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 sssdh is legendary after i cracked some beans i go from reservoir seeds and found a serious winner.
ive spread it far and wide, its all over europe and even in the usa i won 1st place at the icmag growers cup with it this year the taste is sweet lemony haze kinda like lemonade but with a candyish taste the potency is a winning factor with it leaving lightweights dazed and confused and sweating alot heavy tokers are also caned after as session and unable to walk in a straight line. i then hit that with somas g13haze male a proven winner thast is well documented expect long fat colas with a mad haze funk that will leave you in a spin taste will be abusive lemony hazy and spicy depending on pheno dont miss. very limited.


Gender Regular
Genes mostly sativa
Genetics SSSDH x G13 Haze
Flowering 10-12 weeks
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor

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