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Titanium is a cross of flying dutchmans titans haze x soma's g13haze male

titans haze is 1 of thise well kept secrets. i dont see many people doing this strain at all it consist of original haze x skunk 1. it has the tastiest flavours,its more on the sweet side of haze in my opionion but very hazy. it is very easy to grow,a bit strechy but nothing like og haze but with all the good qualitys of haze (flavour and potency) but with a much reduced flowering time it has a good yield of long colas.

i then hit that with soma's g13haze male it is well documented and a prooven winner even winning canabis cup. expect big yielding hazy plants with a taste to die for with a soaring sativa buzz.


Gender Regular
Genes mostly sativa
Genetics Titans Haze x G13 Haze
Flowering 11 weeks
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor

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