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Dodger Newbie
Black Jack
Growing it
Harvested! Four plants, 2.1lbs total weight (wet). Hanging to dry now. Trimming took us five and a half hours (on a nice, sunny day on the back deck). Smelled to high heaven. The two black jack plants were the stars. Nicely ripe, good weight, easy trim. Sour Diesel lost two large buds due to some kind of dry bud rot, but the others were OK. Sour Tangie smelled amazing but was too leafy (probably needed a couple more weeks of growth).

It was the dead bud on top of the sour diesel that kicked us into harvesting now - that plant was distressed and needed to be taken. We made the call to go for it with all four because spare time in the next two weeks was going to be hard to get.
8 months ago