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Dumpster's thick stem diameter both in meristem and lateral branching is a nod to her pure indica roots.  The medium distance between internodes allows for aeration between bud sites, something much appreciated once her buds begin to stack!  These flowers easily fill out the internodal space and resinate fully, which is where Dumpster really starts to shine.  When those G13 genetics kick in and boost bud density, don't be surprised if you need to stake her despite her supportive branches!


STORY: Dumpster's origins are the stuff of legend. Was it that this clone-only strain was rescued by a college student from a professor's failed grow attempt or by a bartender whose patron told him where he had ditched his grow in an effort to avoid arrest? Either way, we'd like to smoke one with whoever pulled this out of a dumpster!


YIELD: Heavy

GROWING TIPS: Early topping will even out her height with her width. Her impressively thick flower structure calls for removal of center growth and excellent aeration at the canopy level. Bring on those fans! Removing buds not likely to reach the canopy in week 2 will direct energy upwards to her tops, and the added density will absolutely replace any yield lost on removed lowers. It is important to feed her well all the way up to the final flush, as buds this size require ample energy to reach their full potential.

SCENT: Most notable for a wonderful fusion of distinct scent profiles. The brightness of the citrusy, fresh high note hits immediately, but than that element of heavy earthiness brings the scent profile back to classic indica funk.

FLAVOR: Bright notes of tangy citrus underlined by skunk, peppery earthiness

EFFECTS: Excellent sleep aid and analgesic; high potency strong enough to relieve both mental and physical stress

SUGGESTED MEDICAL USE: Insomnia, relief from inflammation-related body pain, appetite supplementation and stress reduction


Gender Clone
Genes Mostly indica
Genetics Northern Lights x G13
Harvest Heavy
Flowering 9-12 weeks

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