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Sunset Sherbet is a hybrid with an indica lean. This strain has powerful full-body effects with a strong cerebral elevation too. Sunset Sherbet demonstrates more GSC characteristics including above-average trichrome production, hardball small buds and the magnificent purple and orange coloration. She reaches her full potential when grown in a highly controlled, low-stress indoor environment with 7-8 weeks of flowering time. What is the difference between Sherbet and Sunset Sherbet? While the DHN cuts of Sherbet and Sunset Sherbet share the legendary GSC genetics crossed with strong Indica Pink Panties, this phenotype demonstrates different characteristics. Our Sherbet leans heavily on the Pink Panties side with large, conical buds tinged with purple and covered in the bright orange hairs Sherbet is known for. Our Sunset Sherbet phenotype exhibits more GSC characteristics. While yielding lower than the Sherbet, it matures much more rapidly than GSC during vegetative growth. Sunset buds are deep purple and extremely dense and resinous. They finish larger in diameter than Cookies thanks to Pink Panties genetics, and tend to stay on the bigger side even below the canopy.

SCENT:ย skunky citrus, sweet berry, candy, honey

EFFECTS:ย Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric, Uplifted, Creative

SUGGESTED MEDICAL USE:ย It's potent effects, make it ideal for treating stress, pain, and depression.




Gender Clone
Genes 50% indica / 50% sativa
Harvest Moderate
Flowering 7-8 weeks

Tastes & Effects

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