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The Critical Mass and the original Neville Haze were crossed to develop the Critical Neville Haze. This is a feminized, almost pure sativa strain that contains 90% sativa genetics. 

The plant suits both for indoors and outdoors but the cultivation inside is simpler and faster. The plant grows up high and it is recommended to control the size. The strong sativa structure has long side branches. The harvest comes after 13-14 weeks of bloom indoors and in late October outdoors. The crop reaches to 450-500 gr/m2 or 1000 gr/plant.

The very high THC content provides potent sativa effect with feeling of euphoria. The aroma has woody,  spicy notes and hints of coffee. The intense taste offers tones of incense with added menthol or pine.


Gender Feminised
Genes 90% sativa / 10% indica
Genetics Critical Mass x Neville Haze
Harvest 450-500 gr/m2
Flowering 13-14 weeks
THC very high
CBD medium

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