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sleeve Newbie
Growing it
My first photo grow, I went with LST with an OG Spring, with that set up and going completely organic soil with the General Organics line of nutrients, I wanted to go as simple as possible.
The Sativa dominant chocolope took well to the LST and handled all of the feeding I could throw at her.
9 ounces on one plant for my first photo.

During cure, the buds are now a mixture smell of chocolate and a sweet blueberry. The buds are frosty and sticky, very dense.

This has been cloned into 6 babies ad this strain is a definite keeper in my inventory.
9 months ago
beanbean Apprentice
Growing it
It seems like the most challenging strains are also the most rewarding. Chocolope took well to LST and started frosting out extremely early. Her funk was unmatched until mid to late flower. But she did not like the supersoil. At some points she was dying out so fast that I was worried about her stress herming on me. In the end, all that energy got pumped into terps and flavs. Her smell is INSANE...graham crackers and burnt toast. Sweet flavor where the chocolately aroma really comes out. And the high is the raciest I've had in a long time.

I've heard DNA does good work and this was my first try with DNA. I can assure you it won't be the last!
2 years ago