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Oasis is one of the best 100% Indica strains in Dutch Passion collection. It was born in USA during ย carefully selecting from the famous Northern Lights II.

The strain reaches 60-80cm in tall. It is compact plant with heavy leaves. The flowering cycle takes 9-11 weeks. The plant has a good resistance to the mould and spider mite. And also it is easy to grow.

The taste and odor are pure, original Indica with notes of wood and earth. It's the best choice for indica fans. The effect is also a classic, pure Indica. The strain provides stone high, ย with a hint of aphrodisiac qualities!


Gender Feminised
Genes 100% Indica
Genetics Northern Lights #2
Harvest 350 gr/m2 +
Flowering 8 - 9 weeks
THC medium
Room Type Indoor

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Struth Oasis White Widow #2
Shoreline Skunk #1 Oasis

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