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Ortega Indica


Ortega Indica is the indica dominant cross between the indica strain from the late 70s and Northern Lights #1. It grows well in any growing environment, but shows the best results when grown indoors. It developes compact buds. The plant has medium crops and a flowering of 63 days.
The strain has a medicinal use and smell of earth, spice and tobacco. Ortega is a good choice for smoking before sleeping because it is a great sleeping pill and tranquilizer. The big advantage is that it does not have consequences at the morning after smoking, just a clear mind. This is much better than taking tranquilizers.

Ortega IndicaOrtega Indica
Gender Feminised
Genes I
Genetics Northern Lights #1 x Indica
Harvest medium
Flowering 63 days
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor
Room Type Greenhouse
Release Year Previously Released

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Burning SpearOrtega Indica Haze Black Congolese

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