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Skunk #11 is a legendary strain with a great group of fans due its big yields, refined skunk effect, top genetics, stability and excellent growth.

The plant has a medium high and resinous buds and grows energetic in any growing environment. It suits for indoors, outdoors and greenhouses. The strain has a good resistance to mold and illness.  It can be harvested after 7-11 flowering weeks.

The enjoyable effect brings anti-anxiety high, relaxes the body and calms the soul. Despite these qualities, the strain provides enough energy to do daily things. The plant produces traditional spicy smell and rich cheese taste.  


Gender Feminised
Genes Indica 25% / Sativa 75%
Genetics Skunk
Harvest high
Flowering 9 weeks
THC medium

Tastes & Effects



Early Bird Skunk Skunk #11
Skunk #11 Skunk #11
Skunk #99 Skunk #11

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