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Pheno #1 (40%) xmas tree structure, smells and flavors or pineapple/hashy caramel/haze with hints of berry. 9 week bloom, PM resistant, and tight inter-nodal spacing.

Pheno #2 (30%) by far the sweetest pheno, she expresses more cherry/berry than the others. Slightly more indica with this pheno, but still sativa dominant.

Pheno #3 (10%) has the most stretch and longest bloom time. She grows foxtails/dreadlocks towards mid/late bloom. Expect smells and flavors ranging from cherry/pineapple/haze/vanilla.

Pheno #4 (20%) identical to Pheno #1 in every way, but has mostly a hazy smell. Very good pheno for stealth grows.


Gender Regular
Genes Mostly sativa
Genetics Dess*Tar x Space Queen F3
Flowering 9-10 weeks

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