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EVA Seeds African Free Feminized is a cross between a pure South African and a very resistant and high yielding male Indica, which makes for vigorous production of buds and crystallization of resin. African Free has a sweet taste and a euphoric sativa effect. Indoors, it is sensitive to extreme variations in temperature. EVA Seeds African Free Feminized does not like temperatures lower than 18 degrees. Outdoors, it is an easy and very productive plant to grow. It's Cannabis Seeds are suitable for Sea of Green and intensive growing. It produces a high yield and takes between 60-70 days to flower. Harvest time is Mid October. Good for hashish extraction.


Gender Feminised
Genes Mostly Indica
Genetics South African x Male Indica
Harvest 400 gr/m2
Flowering 8 - 9 weeks
THC medium

Family Tree

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