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Frothing with a slew of authentic flavors and aromas, Flash Auto Seed's new and captivating creation impresses all the senses. As soon as you take one look at Stitch's Love Potion Auto lush appearance you're hooked! A real beaut, she flaunts a variety stunning shades and colors. Sativa dominant (80% to be precise), she conceals a potent but uplifting high behind an exquisite facade.

A cannabis cocktail of authentic flavors and aromas, Stitch's Love Potion Auto casts an irresistible spell on all those that sample her berry bursting bud. A very aesthetically pleasing specimen, she is awash in a sea of green, pink and purple shades. A dazzling spectacle to behold.

Sativa dominant in nature, Stitch's Love Potion Auto unleashes a rather sensual stone. Smooth and pleasant to smoke, she induces a long lasting high that uplifts the spirit and the mind - in a suitably satisfying fashion. Accompanying this min-blowing buzz are a stream of fine fruity flavors that include notes of peach, mango and strawberry. Great for sharing among friends, Stitch's Love Potion Auto will have all drunk on good vibes.

As Stitch's Love Potion Auto develops a highly fragrant assortment of fat buds start to emerge. Brimming with resinous goodness they help to make the plant even more beautiful. Although small in stature (ranging between 50-100cm), Stitch's Love Potion Auto is big on bud, flavor and potency (so the places that matter). Another area where she excels is pace, from seed to harvest in 70-75 days. As soon as harvest time pops around Stitch's Love Potion Auto presents growers with a decent bounty of bud. On average you can expect outdoors to receive in the region of 40-110g per plant of extremely flavorsome weed (depending on conditions).

For those that seek cannabis spewing fruit and bubblegum goodness, look no further as Flash Auto Seeds' Stitch's Love Potion Auto has all the flavor you can handle.


Gender Feminised
Genes ruderalis/indica/sativa
Genetics Love Potion #1 x Lowryder Probably
Flowering 11 weeks

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