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Dirtydraggel Apprentice
Growing it
If you’re struggling to eat then this is the plant for you, think I gained 4-5lbs from the munchies by smoking this one.
3 months ago
TheNug Apprentice
Growing it
she looks maad and grew really well and had no problems nute wise, however looking at roots after, they were average, i think that explains the smaller size nugs but theyre dense and frosty.
i think at some point i was over feeding which might explain the roots so might be on me.
however, havent put the wet buds on the scales, everything has been drying for 4 days already so ill put the dry buds on the scale probably tomorrow depending how dry we are.
she was stinky as all hell
now on to what i think of coco. coco is great its easy and very forgiving. but i hate not being able to check how my roots are looking, im going back to DWC
the drying tent is all my strains. the cheese is the lower two strings, next up is the super cheese on the middle two strings, then at the top the og kush on them two strings
!! EDIT: !! so i have finally taken them down from drying and jarred them all up the FRENCHEESE got 56 grams dry , OG kush 53 grams dry and super cheese got a baby 33 of some daaaaaank buds
just wanna say thanks to everyone in this community
1 year ago