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CBD_Sweden GrandMaster
Sugar Gom
Growing it
I got some seed from a friend and thought, what the hell, let''s try it . I putted it in soil, right from the start, I believ that a plant grows better if it''s planted in whatever it will planted in, just to ease off from stress.
Been using soil all the time and growing 100% organic with nutritions from Bio-Bizz, and I have absolutely no complains, all products works perfect! :ok_hand: And the best thing about growing totally organic, is that you can reuse the soil, awesome!
I''ve been waiting for the buds to grow big and thick, but she didn''t develop the big fat buds I was hoping for, the buds were really thin, almost looked like the flowers grows in a zig-zag-pattern if you know what I mean, and there were a lot of small leaves, so the trimming weren''t funny at all I can tell you!

But to the more positive side, there were a lot of white sticky sugar on her, on the buds and also a lot on the leaves, perhaps make a good hash of the leftovers from the trimming, Need to buy a Bubble Bag :grin:
I have no idea yet how the yield came out, I don''t want to weigh the buds right after trimming, the dryweight is more interesting. But since I''m watercuring my buds I know I''m gonna lose about 30% more weight than aircured buds. But I love the smooth taste and I prefer smoking buds with all crap reduced, the substances we want to keep are not watersoluable, the good stuff remains, and everything else get washed out! Perfect!

I''ve tried the small piece of hash I got from trimming, using latexgloves to keep the sticky icky from sting on your fingers and hands during trimming also makes it a lot easier to roll small pebbles of hash as it sticks on the gloves. The high was about medium, I were quite tired as well so I''m not sure if I can get you a objective review right now. It''s better to wait until the buds are dry.
I''ll be watercuring the buds 6 days, changing water 2 times a day.
1 year ago