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This strain is the result of a pure Indica genetics mix, the most select in our catalogue, easy to grow and stable, of average height, a great hybrid vigour and an awesome yield of resin. Besides her high yield sheโ€™s remarkable for her fast growth, dark green fan-shaped big leaves and resistance to plagues and fungus, as well as her delicious spicy and fruity flavour full of earthy virgin forest notes in the purest old school fashion. Her flower clusters oozing with resin give off a rich scent reminiscent of the best quality afghan hash. Black in Black is a plant with a powerful relaxing effect, ideal for medical users of marijuana and for those who want to counteract insomnia, so itโ€™s recommended to consume her in moderation. Perfectly suited for the production of hash.


Gender Feminised
Genes indica
Harvest 350-400 gr/m2
Flowering 9 weeks

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