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Hash plant is a legendary regular strain from Afghanistan that contains 90% indica genetics. It is the result of carefully selection. The strain includes such genetics as Northern Lights and Hash plant.

It is a very chunky plant that produces mass of resin. It has an extra-fast blooming that takes only 40-45 days.  The harvest brings heavy fragrant buds that produce deep rich pungent aroma with hints of hashish. The potent effect brings a stone-body high. 


Gender Regular
Genes 90% indica
Genetics Hash plant
Harvest large
Flowering 6-7 weeks

Tastes & Effects



Black Domina Afghanistan Indica Ortega Northern Lights Hash plant
818HPOG 818 Pure SFV OG Hash plant
ECHP Sour Diesel Hash plant
Atomic Shiva Northern Lights Super Skunk Hash plant
Conquistador Hash plant Ortega Cinderella 99
Dutch Treat x Hashplant Dutch Treat Hash plant

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