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Unfazed Newbie
Wipeout Express
Growing it
With this being my first grow I am a bit reluctant to comment on the grow ability and resistance as I have no baseline to comp[are it too.

Of the 5 seeds only 3 germinated and I suspect that I drowned the other 2.

One plant was a runt compared with her Sisters and clearly a bit different through the whole grow.

Lots of mistakes on my part throughout the grow but the plants seem to keep chugging along.

Plant #1

Was the star child and had her own pot the entire grow, yielding about 3 oz of dry bud (I am still giggling about that).

Plants #2&3 shared a pot and were crowded, but I suspect that they will yield about 3 oz between the two of them.

I am using multiple harvests of the plants and that has gone very well.
4 months ago