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Purple Soda OG was bred from Purple Doja and Starkiller OG. This is a very colorful, heavily indica-dominant Kush strain with a fantastic sweet 'n' sour taste.

Purple Soda OG makes a great choice for cultivators whether they prefer to grow indoors or outdoors. It is a very stable strain with very little variation in plants. It grows big with enormous colas full of dense, resinous buds. Flowering time is around 8 weeks with big yields more than likely - a single plant can produce several pounds of dried buds! Manicuring is a straightforward task that is over in no time as few superfluous leaves are apparent. The buds are dark and well dank.

The aromas and flavors betray a terpene profile second to none as the sweet 'n' sour flavors stimulate the taste buds as the cannabinoids do their job. The effect is very powerful and encompasses both mind and body. Very quickly the full-on indica effect makes itself known as the smoker/vaper drifts into an advanced state of serene relaxation.


Gender Regular
Genes Mostly indica
Genetics Purple Doja x Starkiller OG
Flowering 8 weeks

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