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Need to deal with constant pain but still have the energy to get things done? Professor Chaos can teach you a thing or two about that!

We've combined the considerable painkilling effect of our award-winning Mad Scientist (back-to-back 1st Place Overall in the 2011 and 2012 Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards) with the get-up-and-go of Jack the Ripper for a Sativa dominant strain that can completely take care of your pain but leave you feeling energized instead of ready for the couch.

Professor Chaos can do plenty to help you feel like you're getting back the energy that chronic pain saps right out of you. But make a list before you use all that extra energy—we all know that professors can be a bit absent-minded, and you don't want to waste your pain-free time starting a bunch of different jobs rather than doing the one thing you absolutely meant to get finished.


Gender Regular
Genes 65% saiva / 35% indica
Genetics Mad Scientist x Jack the Ripper
Harvest Average - heavy
Flowering 9 weeks

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