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Joint Doctor Lowryder #76-2


The creation of Lowryder has been a lengthy process. 

The Joint Doctor early interested in Cannabis cultivation. In the college he cultivated small plants in his room. These “extra-curricular” activity was start of his career in Cannabis research. Later, during traveling, the Joint Doctor learned a great deal about the  fabulous variety of this plant. 

He soon became convinced that nearly anything is possible, in the marijuana breeding department. To create new, better varieties, he reasoned, all that was needed was some diverse sources of high-quality genes, a keen eye for observation, lots of time and patience, and as it turns out, a bit of luck.

Since launching the ground-breaking Lowryder automatic, the Joint Doctor has been specialized in creating and improving autoflowering varieties. 

His practical experience includes industrial hemp production as well as ganja-fueled genetic research. His writings have appeared in such publications as Cannabis Culture, the International Hemp Association Journal (Holland), and Heads Magazine.

He is responsible for developing the genetics and terminology associated with autoflowering strains, which are now treated as a whole new category of cannabis.

The Joint Doctor works with medicinal marijuana growers and recipients, that allowes to test and improve cannabis strains and insure their  potency and quality on a constant base.

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Autoflowering Strains
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