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The Altai Territory is not only the warmest part of Siberia, but also the birthplace of unique, authentic varieties, "golden mine" of phenotypes unknown to the civilized world. Short, but generous in the sun summer forces plants to bloom and build up mas much faster. A powerful African gene, adopted on Altaic genetics, is responsible for a colorful psychedelic drive, which is so preferable with sativa lovers. The combination of two exceptional varieties with the addition of a secret hybrid made Big Altai Sativa Express a truly unique plant. The effect is clean and powerful, charging you with vigor and energy for a long period. The taste of pine nuts and forest freshness


Gender Feminised
Genes 90% indica / 10% sativa
Genetics Altai x African Sativa x Secret Hybrid
Harvest 500-600 g/m2
Flowering 11 weeks

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