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Pre-release testing of Madd Farmer Genetics Strawberry Frost gave a highly resinous keeper which was pollinated with an โ€™89 NL 5 male. This crossing produced a beautiful mother with rock hard NL buds and the high resin production of the Strawberry Frost. This mother was pollinated by keeper Buckeye Purple male.
A pheno hunters dream, this poly-hybrid will produce a different plant from every seed. Expect to see plants that exhibit traits from Tom Hillโ€™s Deep Chunk, Kushmanโ€™s Strawberry Cough, SpaceQueen, NL 5, and the Buckeye Purple heritage of Grand Daddy Purple and Gorilla Grape.


Gender Regular
Genes indica/sativa
Genetics {Strawberry Frost x NL5 89} x Buckeye Purple
Flowering 10 weeks

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