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MR NICE Angel Heart (Mango Haze x Afghan Skunk) Regular Seeds is if there was a plant close to perfect in flavour this would be it. It will leave the mouth watering, and the body wanting more. Let the Angel's heart beat! Preferred medium: bio and hydro, outdoors/greenhouse Recommendations: The best piece of advice would be to flower out the selected mother by way of clone. Keeping the seed mother to produce clones for flowering will possibly increase the speed at which it flowers. An excellent plant for a darkening greenhouse as it does enjoy natural sunlight to reach its most aromatic potential. Special Notes: Selection of this plant should go on the flavor you prefer. You will need to be very hard on yourself to kill the girls you do not think are for you as they will all have something special to offer. I believe it will allow the blind people to see a taste and so rich in aroma that sweets will taste sour after smoking or vaporizing it.


Gender Regular
Genes Indica / Sativa
Genetics Mango Haze x Afghan Skunk
Harvest 400 - 600 gr/m2
Flowering 9 - 10 weeks

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