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MR NICE Angel's Breathe (Mango Haze x Afghan Haze) Regular Seeds To this day, the most silent but highest achieving plant coming out of the Mr Nice camp since Super Silver Haze is the Mango Haze. This was made with the proven parent line that Super Silver Haze came from as well as a long line of pedigree winning and highly performing plants. The flavour of the Mango Haze is so close to that of a ripe Mango that it can almost be tasted - a classic plant that is clearly selected for the terpenes it holds within its genetic make-up, since its effect is as good as it gets! It can be a little tricky with selection but will be like finding a large gold nugget in a river bed once the time has been put in and the selection work done, however patience will be required as it has the possibility to flower for up to 11 to 12 weeks. With a 50% Haze influence this is a little more challenging and will need patience, but the rewards will be more than worthwhile. Preferred medium: bio and hydro, outdoors/greenhouse Flowering period: Patience will be required as it has the possibility to flower for up to 11 to 12 weeks in indoor rooms. I would be inclined to only expose this hybrid to 3- 4 days of 18 hr growth in an indoor setup and directly to 12/12 flowering. Discard any plants going more than 13 weeks as they will be unpractical for most growers. Recommendations: Very highly recommended for all growers who are ready to find something special - especially for those who desire incredible taste - a real connoisseurs plant when done well. Special Notes: Putting two selected versions of both these heart-winning plants together will mean that those growers who take their time selecting with a fair sample number will be in for a treat of a life time. Both plants have performed for so many people over the last decade, as good pedigree breeds do, and reputation can be seen on online forums...all of which explain how happy growers, patients and recreational users gave their hearts away to these plants. Now bringing them in unison the potential to find a superb cloner and turn on the medical world will be closer than you think...a good project plant for those who are up for the challenge.




Gender Regular
Genes Mostly Sativa
Genetics Mango Haze x Afghan Haze
Harvest 400 - 550 gr/m2
Flowering 11 - 12 weeks

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