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suthrngrwr Apprentice
Pure Power Plant
Growing it
She tastes piney and sweet, with just a touch of floral essence. Plenty of that dank, skunk odor to offend non-consumers in the nose. I only smell the sweet, dried pine floral scent! Very heady effect, keeping you alert and social. Definitely a day time medicine as it slows down after several hours to keep alert. Dosing heavy will give you a heavier body stone with cerebral stimulation, making it great in social settings or for relaxing hobbies.
Vigorous grower in veg and only a 50% stretch in flower make her ideal for indoor environments. Took her to end of week 10, for 69 days of flowering. It is possible she could have used an extra week (75 days of flowering) for best effect and taste. Grow this one taller in veg before forcing flower. Stacks flowers very well.
1 year ago