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Spoetnik #1 is a super versatile strain with a great resistant. This is an almost pure indica plant that contains 90% indica and 10% sativa genetics. It has an Afgani heritage and excellent reputation in cannabis world.

The plant develops a beautiful structure with a strong central cola and chunky buds. The strain is suitable well for indoors as well as for outdoors due its high resistance to mould and pests. The plant also demonstrates good stability in northern regions. 

The flowering time takes only 8 weeks. The harvest comes in mid-October and produces amazing yields of hard, compact buds. The average crop is about is 500-600 gr.

The smoke provides a clear, cerebral and uplifting effect and a rich metallic, earthy taste with notes of grape. It is ideal for meditation.


Gender Feminised
Genes Indica
Harvest 500 - 600 gr/m2
Flowering 7 - 8 weeks
THC high

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