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Positronic Jack Diesel HYBRIDISATION PROCESS: It was born at the end of 70s in the USA, became famous thanks the Jimy Hendrix song. That variety is an ancient of the Positronics' Purple Haze#1, in fact at the beginning it had middle-high psychoactiveness and minimum production. The Hazes were too pure to bloom and they couln't finish to grow up till the end; but it was the variety most smoked in Woodstock. During these years Positronics maintains this variety as a secret, but now, after 40 years, sells it on the market recreating the spirit of hippy's generation. PHYSIOLOGICAL DESCRIPTION: Vigorous plant, stalks not big with purple tonalities. Long distance among the internodes, with Claustrum's model of growth: branches' distribution as fir-tree or candlestick, to optimate the bunches of flowers' production. It produces an average quantity of large toothed thin leaves. The flowers take purple tints with nuances from violet to amaranth, giving an unique polycrome in this variety, a visual pleasure. It will be the queen of your garden! ORGANOLEPTIC: AROMA: inebriant flavour between incense and canella, softly acid but very particular. TASTE: a revolution of the myth skunk. Impacted expecially for its high taste and at the same time so sweet and acid. In its complex taste you can appreciate tonalities from sweet to spicy with an incesed aftertaste on palate lasting in the time. EFFECT: Instantaneous effect typical sativa, where the creativity can flow unsuspectly. Purple Haze#1 produces a strange and lovely sensation in which seems that the object and your own body flow, at the moment that a mysterious purple fog overflows everything.... remember that the neophytes shouldn't like this effect! RECOMMENDS Purple Haze#1 takes large dimensions and needs sustainments to support its heavy branches. It will need a lot of space for the roots and much water, so it isn't a plant for balcony or terraces. Outdoor, due to its long vegetative period, you can wait june-july to plant it reducing its vigorous, anyway you can make a mid-high pinching(cutting). Indoor we recommend to put it rapidly in bloom avoiding problems of space. It's necessary the use of ventilators to obtain an optimate blooming.


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Harvest Weight


Gender Feminised
Genes Indica / Sativa
Genetics Jack Herer x NY Diesel
Harvest 500 gr/m2
Flowering 9 - 10 weeks
THC very high
CBD medium

Tastes & Effects

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Dry mouth
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Jack Diesel Express Jack Diesel NYC Diesel Ruderalis
CBD+ Jack Diesel Unknown Strain Jack Diesel

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SativaShell Apprentice
Jack Diesel
Growing it
These two girls grew so differently, but I think some of that was my fault.

The younger of the 2 I think may have been stunted. She was real small but went into flower first. Dried and cured her anyways and she actually smokes ok. Nice mellow relaxed buzz, smells a bit grassy in the jar but gives off a mellow diesel smell when busted up.

The older, bigger Jack Diesel on the other hand was the tallest out of my 3 girls and gave me the most stickiest, dense diesel stinking buds!! She smokes real good, tingly head, relaxed body and a happy buzz.

Will deffo try this strain again :+1::skin-tone-2::point_up:
12 months ago

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