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Dunk_Junk Apprentice
Flash Babylon
Growing it
She grew very well with very minimal input from me. I consciously did not train her at all, I wanted a low maintenance grow.
She did not get very tall and her flowers were quite strange with the large ovules. She smells very nice though, cheesy, skunky dank stuff. It is a nice smoke too, not harsh, no coughing, a bit peppery.
The effect are uplifting at first, then the body stone kicks in. The first time I tried it I got a paranoia trip :joy: but not had that experience since.
I would say this plant was grown in pretty optimal conditions and I got almost 75 g off her, for the small harvest weight alone I would not recommend this strain.
Everything else, yes. She finishes quite quickly, the smoke IS nice and also the smell. Also, she is absolutley covered in trichomes! They are falling off like dust!
But I would hate for anyone to be disappointed with her yield after 13 weeks or so. Samsara needs to update this strain, after all she has a lot of Northern Lights in her DNA, that should shine through but it's not.
8 months ago
CovikLaFlaire Apprentice
Sweet Black Angel
Growing it
I just cut them..I will post results after drying...
10 months ago
SybDarret Newbie
Supersonic Cristal Storm
Growing it
As you can see, grow wasn't free of problems, decoloration was there all the time. Anyway she made it, now i'll dry for a week and then put it on jar to cure. Will give a smoke report as soon as i taste it :)
She was kind of supersonic, it was the fastest strain i had beeing ready one month and a half earlier than other plants i had.:grinning:
1 year ago
cosmanng Newbie
I inspected the roots before the harvest. I didn't give the chance to coconut to be dry during months, I added a solution to the tank and that's all. It has not affected on health of aboveground parts of the plant, but the harvest is not the maximum.
3 years ago