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Growing it
I chopped this baby at day 56, with a quarter of the trichomes amber. I had put her in time out, in a dark tent for a few days.

I trimmed and then hung her to dry for 9 days at 65 degrees, at 45% humidity. I then weighed and jarred the end product. I got 44.72 grams, which was the smallest yield in the tent. But it makes up for it with the quality of smoke. I let it cure for a couple weeks before the review, because the smells and flavors were a little harder to identify than something like C99. The smells and flavors are a little skunky, a little earthy, with a sweet aftertaste. The effects are fantastic. It comes on a bit strong, with an intense body buzz. It’s very happy and visually stimulating. It will also glue your butt to the couch. I found myself watching an oceanic documentary, mesmerized with an idiot grin on my face. I may grow this strain again, with an eye toward bigger yields. She was easy to grow, but I’d like a little more.
10 months ago