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TheDrGreenThumb Apprentice
The Original Skunk #1
Growing it
This plant was unreal to grow. So many head sites so strong , nothing could kill them. Out of 3 seeds one didn’t sprout up and out off the plants I grew 14 total includes the ones that pass away (god bless their souls ) these were the largest by far tho the harvest isn’t complete and I haven’t finished tearing down both plants here is the pictures so far. I still have more to go on both. Just letting the other buds on the lower end get some light
Also I cloned this plant 14 times on its veg. My other diary is the clones and that grow is pretty narly so far
1 year ago
beanbean Apprentice
The Original Skunk #1
Growing it
I would rate the Skunk #1 6 out of the 6 plants grown. One of her greatest qualities is her insane likeness to doublemint gum with as touch of pepper, a scent and flavor that has carried on from flower through to the cure. She's pleasant to smoke and remind me of old school, a very relacing high. Thast being said, she isn't the most potent compared to the others, likely the least, and the high is short-lived. As well, she grew so thick in veg, almost feral, that I worried about extreme molding throughout the grow, but luckily was well ventilated enough to avoid it. For a freebie I'm pleased, and if there are better phenos to be found she might be worth growing again. If anything it was nice for the exerience.
2 years ago