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Early Pearl is a regular mostly sativa plant that were created especially for outdoor growing. The strain contains 75 % sativa genetics. 

The plant demonstrates an energetic growth and potency. It is a good choice for areas with a short summer and a cold climate. The flowering takes to 60 days and the harvest delivers big yields of trichome-covered buds. You can start a growing indoor and then transport to the outside. The plant reaches a decent height and looks like a small tree.

The psychoactive strain is a good choice for sativa fans and for day smoking.


Gender Regular
Genes 75% Sativa
Harvest high
Flowering 7-10 weeks

Tastes & Effects



Fast Bud Early Pearl Mexico Sativa Sativa
Amnesiac Morocco Hybrid Viking Early Pearl
Early Pearl x Northern Light Early Pearl Northern Lights
Fast Freddy Early Pearl Northern Lights #5
President's Choice Early Pearl
Fast Skunk Skunk Early Pearl

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