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Shiva Shanti is a regular indica dominant strain that is based on the genetics of a Garlic Bud, a one Kush and a Skunk #1. The plant contains 85% indica genetics. It is a Cannabis Cup winner. 

The plant has a compact size, short flowering and a dicent yield. It is easy to grow and has a top quality finish product. The harvest comes after 50-55 days of flowering and brings heavy yields.

Shiva Shanti has the inherited potent smell of her famous parents. It contains the mix of the sharp, acidic tang of raw garlic and a rich Skunk aroma of  honey. The strong effect relieves a stress and improves physical sensations.


Gender Regular
Genes 85% Indica
Genetics Garlic Bud x Unknown Kush x Skunk #1
Harvest high
Flowering 7-8 weeks


Mahaa Shiva Shanti Skunk Afghanistan Indica

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