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Silver Haze #9 is a feminized sativa dominant plant that contains 80% sativa genetics. It is a Cannabis Cup winner and one of the most potent sativa all over the world. The strain is a well balanced mix of equatorial genetics.

The result plant is tall. It demonstrates a good stability and a great potency and productivity. The plant develops heavy buds and strong ย stems. The structure is like classical Haze. The flowering is long and can last to 80 days. The plant is ideal for ScrOG.ย 

The potent effect brings a sensual cerebral high.


Gender Feminised
Genes Sativa 80% Indica 20%
Genetics Silver Haze
Harvest 300 gr/m2 +
Flowering 9 - 11
THC high

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Silver Dog Silver Haze #9 Chemdog D IX-I

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