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With our Bubble Gum crossing autoflowering variety with Deimos, ce and after many crossings we have achieved.

Hubba Bubba grows up to 30 days approximately, having a fast flowering by cutting between 60 and 65 days of germination. White flowers just because of the large amount of resin accumulated in them. If planted in acetal, recommend using one of 17l. minimum to help its peak. Your height does not usually exceed 80cm., although some specimens grown in soil with good amount of light have come to pass meter high.

Indoors recommend giving both growth and flowering cycle 20 hours of light and 4 dark for maximum development.


Gender Feminised
Genes 12 โ€“ 14%
Genetics Bubble Gum Deimos X
Harvest 300 โ€“ 450gr/m2
Flowering 9 weeks from germination

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