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CBD_Sweden GrandMaster
CBD Spliff Berry
Growing it
2018-05-01. I flushed her for the last week with 30 liters of ph water every day.
And I cut her down with help from a friend.
This was a medium size girl and i hope she is gives me a lot of medicine.
She was a very compact, tight bush that suffer in the last weeks do to heat in the growroom.
She smells extremely strong, something like citrus cleaning spray, vomit, bad fart, some kind of sweet berry.
If you sum it up its dank (@TheFairyBudMother, told me) citrus with some sweet berry hint.
I will show the final results of dry weight when she is dried and cured.
I hang dried her the first week in 70 % RH room, and then in paper bag for 1 week whit 65% RH.
Now she is curing in glass jars and i air it 2 times a day for 10 min.
I get back when i have the dry weight and will compliment the diarie with a full smoke report.
2018-06-04. Final dry weight of 33 days of drying/curing is 100,44 grams.
The heat in my room did some damage to the final appearance and the weight, but im very pleased to have another amazing cbd medicine.
The buds are fluffy and have a lot of give in them.
The buds are very sticky.
The biggest bud was 5.04 grams, many of the buds were popcorn size.
Im working on my smoke report now.
4 months ago
BarneyGreen Apprentice
CBD Spliff Berry
Growing it
It was a nice trip the ladies are strong and resist-end gains stress. they react nice on the topping of the ladies. I recommend it for beginners. it's a good quality of seeds from Spliff Seeds.
11 months ago