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Snow White
Growing it
Biggest buds in the tent, unfortunately with largest amount of seeds, luckily in the smalles buds haha.
I mean its not alarmatic but some lower nugs have like 3-4 seeds in them.
I guess my destination unkown fucked it all up and polinated all my plants (some more some less), so i got some cleaning to do before placing new run there..
She will tie me to the chair after first 2 smokes but in a good way, i am not couchlocked but i definitely feel the weight on my shoulders and dont feel like moving but feel creative and ready to do smth.
Smoke is very sweet and leaves my mouth filled with tropical tastes, cant really determine it yet coz she will improve and change through the curing process..
I have harvested 5 grams dry before for degustation so i add that to final math, altough i cant find the picture where i weighed it guess you will have to trust me haha.
Total weight of branches of mega and snow white is visible on the picture.
Good job Spliff seeds, nutrients and White.
Stay tuned i will soon have the spliff seeds strains tested for cannabinoids and terpenes, very excited about that info i will be able to share here.
1 year ago