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Earthy, fruity aroma and fruity, sweet flavor resembling candyfloss. Massive resin production. Medicinal value: muscle spasms, depression and stress. Strong narcotic high. Potential THC level high. We were experimenting for some time when we stumbled across this amazing Snow white pheno . A result of crossing our trusted Snow White (Northern Lights x White Widow) with a luscious Cinderella 99. This reinvented Snow White has an even higher high flower to leaf ratio, more compact growth and above all an even higher THC percentage. This makes here the perfect hybrid. She will form thick white hairs and will yield a large crop. First signs of flowering will show around the 3rd week. 2 to 3 weeks of pregrow is sufficient. She will stay nice and short with a length of around 60cm. The buds are candleshaped, fat, enormous and have a greasy feel to them as a result of the THC production. The buds have been snowed under with resin and are real heavy weights. The main stalk is short and fat, which will support her heavy buds quite easily. She is a true Indica in appearance, shortstalked and darkgreen with oval fan leaves. Red stalks are quite common and often the juice flowing through these stalks is of a red brownish color. She is very stable in phenos with hardly to no variation. We have managed to shorten flowering time to about 8 weeks. Before it used to be up to ten weeks. She has few leaves so a delight to manicure. Snow White can also be grown outdoor. During both veg and flowering she is vigorous. A great plant for SOG in, for instance, a hydroponic system. Maximum yields can quite easily be achieved. A true cashcrop in every sense. Snow Whiteโ€™s aroma is influenced by the Northern Light in a sense she has that typical earthy aroma, but with a hint of sweet fruit. Taste is sweet and fruity, resembling candyfloss. The high is truly powerful and narcotic. A real K.O. stoner. Medicinal value: muscle spasms, cramps, gastro-intestinal disorder, nausea, depression and stress.



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Harvest Weight


Gender Feminised
Genes 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
Genetics Northern Lights Special x White Widow x Cinderella 99
Harvest 500-600 gr/m2
Flowering 8 - 9 weeks
THC high

Tastes & Effects

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Snow White
Growing it
Biggest buds in the tent, unfortunately with largest amount of seeds, luckily in the smalles buds haha.
I mean its not alarmatic but some lower nugs have like 3-4 seeds in them.
I guess my destination unkown fucked it all up and polinated all my plants (some more some less), so i got some cleaning to do before placing new run there..
She will tie me to the chair after first 2 smokes but in a good way, i am not couchlocked but i definitely feel the weight on my shoulders and dont feel like moving but feel creative and ready to do smth.
Smoke is very sweet and leaves my mouth filled with tropical tastes, cant really determine it yet coz she will improve and change through the curing process..
I have harvested 5 grams dry before for degustation so i add that to final math, altough i cant find the picture where i weighed it guess you will have to trust me haha.
Total weight of branches of mega and snow white is visible on the picture.
Good job Spliff seeds, nutrients and White.
Stay tuned i will soon have the spliff seeds strains tested for cannabinoids and terpenes, very excited about that info i will be able to share here.
1 year ago

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