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CBD Caramel Cookie is a cross between our White Caramel Cookie and our popular CBD Kong’s Kush. The outcome is a medicinal cannabis strain with a high value CBD and low level of THC. It’s a very easy to grow strain and very suitable for novice growers who want to experiment using cannabis as an alternative medicine. She grows really well in small spaces and grows into a typical indica cannabis plant. It’s a truly amazing plant with an earthy/nutty and caramel aroma. Now you can harvest your own CBD cookies at your own garden. Grown with LED lights will increase her CBD range even further. She won’t need lots of nutrition which makes it a really great strain for beginners.  


Gender Feminised
Genes 85% indica / 15% sativa
Genetics White caramel cookie x CBD Kongs kush
Harvest 400-550 g/m2
Flowering 9-10 weeks

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