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The Chem 4 is the potent hybrid that starts its history in 2006. The THC contant is about 17-19% that provides a moderate effect.

The plant develops fat green buds with amber hues and it is covered with short hairs. The Chem 4 is a great resin producer. The flowering takes only 8 weeks and the yields are large.

The smoke offers an earthy citrus aroma with notes of woody pine and a taste of hickory wood and citrus. The effect comes immediatly and brings an uplifted, euphoric cerebral high. It also carries the energy and suits for day smoking. It has a medical use against a tiredness, stress, and depression.


Gender Feminised
Genes Indica/Sativa
Genetics Chem 4 Pheno
Harvest high
Flowering 8 weeks

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