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Our Cheese is a reliable and succulent plant, created from the original clone of the collective English Exodus, which is known throughout the world for its pungent flavor to cheese and toughness and reliability in this area outside of europe. For the male seed use a male Afghan Afghan known as Love. It was very interesting to us because of this cruze came a plant with all the original cheese flavor Cheese and a spicy touch of Afghanistan, with hard resin filled buds. The aroma and flavor of this plant are strong and intense, reminiscent of the cheese course but also has a touch Skunk unmistakable. Since germination can see its great growth and branching, which will lead to long batons filled with buds. Can be grown in any medium. The end result after a good healing process will be to some flowers to be consumed on the palate Patent leave his beloved cheese flavor. Endeavor to effect big raise, clean and heady hybrid that will make this an excellent choice for those growers who seek a marijuana plant in a different flavor of high quality and potent. Outdoor production: 350-600 gr per plant Harvest outdoors: October


Gender Feminised
Genes 40% Indica/60% Sativa
Genetics Cheese x Afghani Love
Harvest 600 g/m²
Flowering Harvest: 9 weeks
THC high
Room Type Indoor

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