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Ninja31 Newbie
White Diesel Haze Automatic
Growing it
This is the second time i grow cannabis, i wanted to grow White Diesel Haze beacuse it's 70% sativa, to give it a try. I have to say that this is an awesome strain... in the first week of flowering i undestood why it's called "White". Sugar leaves are very sticky and full of resin! I'm not so skilled so i couldn't make hash, but i'm sure that this is the perfect strain for it, because of its trim full of trichomes.
Plant is not very tall, less than one meter, but beacuse my aim was to grow in a 11 liters pot, maybe by transplanting in a bigger pot they could grow taller.

During the last week i decided to dry buds inside the tent, i tryend with a smaller bud in the week 14 and it dryed too quickly because the extractor was "on" almost all the time, in order to suck hot air; so i connected a timer to activate it only 30 mins every 2 hours. Seems it worked beacuse buds have dryed very well (7 days in total). Now i'm curing them in galls jars, but i have already smoked it with my friends, and i have to say that this strain is one of the most potent i have ever tryed and i'm proud to have grown it by myself.
9 months ago