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Mazar Kush is a pure indica plant that is based on the genetics of Afghan Kush and New Mazar Line.

The plant is very resinous, it has an indica structure and enough short flowering cycle, that takes only 8 weeks. The harvest comes in early October during outside cultivation and brings the yields of 400-500 gr. The strain suits both for indoor and outdoors. It has a high resistance to mold and pests.ย 

ย The smoke provides a very strong smell of Afghan hash. The high THC content provides a potent long-lasting indica effect of deep relaxation.ย 


Gender Feminised
Genes 100% Indica
Genetics Pure Afghan Kush x New Mazar Line
Harvest 400-450 gr indoor / 400-550 gr outdoor
Flowering 50-55 days
THC high

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